Web Portals & Intranet

Web Portals & Intranet Helps You Reduce Cost, Saves Time, Increases Collaboration, Productivity & Effectiveness.
Sharing information with colleagues is critical to teamwork and productivity. Portals are single-point interaction for employees, customers, suppliers and other stake-holders in a corporate environment, helping to find information easily and perform everyone’s jobs better.

Every company needs to collaborate one way or the other in their daily job. Employees are more productive when they can get the information they need when they need it. A corporate intranet can give your employees the necessary tools to help your company succeed.

Utilizing the latest technology, we can create a dynamic, web-enabled communication portal, increasing your ability to communicate with both internal and external business associates. We help you enhance your Human Resources capabilities by integrating your day-to-day employee forms, reporting and all other internal business process flow into the intranet.

Together, we create an online vision of your company, turning your existing employee manuals, newsletters, and policies and procedures into valuable interactive tools. It helps employees make better and more informed decisions, which result from increased knowledge. It also helps reduce costs, saves time, increases collaboration, productivity and effectiveness at all levels.

Amtech works with companies of all sizes to design and deploy intranet portals. Our technical architects and business analysts will help you analyze your specific needs and develop an intranet that's a perfect fit for your organization.

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